Melloware PlacesBar Editor

Melloware PlacesBar Editor

Customize Windows dialogs and improve your productivity


  • Easy customization tool that can save you loads of time and clicks
  • Includes a revert function to go back to the default configuration


  • Remember to click on "Save" before using the Test tool!


Think about it: during a complete working day on your computer you hardly use more than three of four folders, always the same ones, to open and save your documents. Wouldn't it be a good idea then to always have those folders at hand?

With PlacesBar Editor you can easily customize the standard Windows Open/Save dialogs and add your most frequently used folders to the left-side pane (the so called Places bar). This means that you'll be able to access your folders in just one click, instead of having to browse the whole disk structure every time you want to open or save a file. In other words, your workflow will be faster, easier and more productive.

The program lets you choose system folders (Desktop, My PC, My Documents and so on) and also any other folder on your hard drive. There's also a special area for Office shortcuts which you can configure if you use any Office suite app. I liked the "Defaults" function that lets you revert changes very easily, and also the "Test" function that enables you to check how your new places bar will look like. Just one thing: remember to click on "Save" before testing the new places bar; otherwise the changes you've made won't show up.

With PlacesBar Editor you can customize Windows dialogs with your most frequently used folders, thus improving your workflow and making it more productive.

Melloware PlacesBar Editor


Melloware PlacesBar Editor

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